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3D Anaglyph Glasses - FAQs

(3-D with coloured glasses)

Paper 3D Anaglyph glasses are available with many combinations of coloured lenses, choose from RED & BLUE, RED & CYAN or RED & GREEN.

The Most Popular for full colour is RED & CYAN.

3D anaglyph glasses Hand Held Midi
Midi Hand Held

3D anaglyph glasses Hand Held Jumbos
Jumbo Hand Held
3D anaglyph glasses with Arms
Card With Arms
3D anaglyph glasses custom printed
Custom Print, Shape
3D anaglyph glasses plastic Aviator frames
Plastic Aviator

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers.

Is there a special name for a 3-D picture which requires those coloured glasses?

Yes. An 'Anaglyph' picture.

Can any existing picture, or illustration, be converted into a 3-D one?

Yes. It is done by computer or by hand. However, if you do have a real subject, it makes sense to use our photographer to shoot the scene in 3-D, thereby avoiding the cost of using a computer.

Which is better? Conversion from an existing picture, or else shoot the real thing in 3-D?

Conversions can be very dramatic, but actual 3-D photography can be quicker and cheaper, especially if many different scenes are required and if the object exists.

How do we go about taking a 3-D photograph?

We recommend using one of our own professional 3-D photographers who will work with your own photographer, and provide the 3-D cameras.

Why are some 3-D prints & glasses in red and green, or red and blue, while others are in full colour? And why are there all sorts of different coloured filters in the glasses?

Full colour 3-D is relatively new, whereas the traditional two colour process is over 140 years old!! Its mass commercial use was pioneered in Europe by David Burder of 3-D Images Ltd., who was granted a patent for the process in 1986. It needs different colour glasses.

Where do we obtain 3-D glasses?

We normally keep up to 350,000 pairs in stock! New production is quick and convenient. Ask to see our range which includes special shapes, colours and sizes. Glasses can be made in any shape or size, e.g.: bottle shape glasses for drinks promotions. We even do "scratch and sniff" glasses.

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