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3-D Photography

We photograph for you on site.

We also convert your 3-D photographs into any format you wish; Anaglyphs (3D glasses), Lenticulars or Holograms. Our most popular 3-D format is Anaglyphs.

We create 3-D Anaglyphs in full colour, for regular four colour printing. Excellent for advertising and in print. Particularly suitable for the internet.

Try using them for mail shot advertising.

Ducklings 3-D Anaglyph Photograph

We can either work with your own photographer and supply expert on site advice on how to achieve the best 3D.
Or we can supply you with an experienced 3D photographer to do the work for you.

We also have an extensive library of stock images to choose from or our 3D artist can create 3D images by 2D to 3D conversion from your existing photographs and artwork.

Burdlo multi lens lenticular camera

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