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Our 3D TV broadcasts have been seen by over 100 million viewers worldwide.

3-D Images Ltd. offers a professional 3-D service, to film and video production companies needing this fascinating and unusual facility, whether for broadcast, cinema, conferences or computer displays.

We have 20 years practical experience in 3-D broadcasting, including 3-D consultancy, to the BBC and Independent TV companies for programs such as Tomorrows World, Blue Peter, The Money Program, The Big Bang and Going Live. Including several personal appearances. Also 3D Technical Director on location in Mexico, for the 3D video of Sports Illustrated Swim Wear.

We have also supplied 3-D Video to various overseas broadcast companies including Holland, Germany, Indonesia and Scandinavia.

We offer the following stunning techniques:

Polar-Vision™ Using clear polarized glasses, for full colour top quality 3-D effects. This is the preferred choice when the most stunning 3-D effects are required in film or video projection. 

Ana-Vision™ Uses coloured glasses. Full Colour technique for Film and Television. These systems are compatible with accompanying, printed 3-D promotional material. (We can supply 3-D print from your 2D images.) 'Ana-Vision' is based on our own granted patent, and has been used on BBC and Independant transmissions.

Dynamic-Vision™ Using special colour glasses. Full Colour technique for Film and Television, requiring specific motion techniques. Ideal for adverts, this system has the great advantage of being totally compatible with normal film, TV or Video. The broadcast image appears 100% normal, without any fringing.

Vibra-Vision No glasses needed. Full colour, unusual 3-D effect, for very specific uses. I.e. adverts.

Monitor-Vision We offer several methods for showing your 3-D film on computer monitors, with or without glasses.
3-D video projection without glasses now available.

3-D Library Footage. We can arrange to provide a wide range of existing 3-D library footage, from 1900 to date, including feature films.

We provide full technical support for all LIVE or prerecorded 3-D Television broadcasts as follows:

According to which process is preferred, we can either convert your own studio cameras to 3-D, or else provide our own twin lens 3-D cameras and image combining hardware and software, to create 3-D Video, in FULL Colour, live, in real time. Accompanying promotional use, is our speciality.

For further details, and demonstrations, please contact David G Burder, BSc, FRPS, FBIPP.

Please note:
We manufacture 3D glasses specially designed for Television applications using Anaglyph, Polarised or Pulfrich techniques.

* * * 3-D glasses!! Over 350,000 pairs in stock * * *
Available for immediate delivery.

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