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'3-D Images' has been serving the 3-D community for over 30 years. David Burder is the Managing Director of this London based company.

With over 30 years experience, in every conceivable form of 3-D Imaging, '3-D Images Ltd.' offers a unique and personal service.

To those interested in using the power of 3-D to either stimulate sale or transfer scientific understanding, look no further.

Whether the requirement is for 3-D glasses, or lenticular, Point-Of-Sale displays, or 'Hidden Messages', we can offer you unbiased, experienced advice, together with unrivalled origination and production facilities, so that panic deadlines can be met.

We can even offer a same day 'shoot and 3-D proof' on most processes, including Lenticular, Anaglyph, Film and TV. We take pleasure in working with other Photographers, Artists, Advertising Agencies, Computer houses and Manufacturers to achieve the best 3-D effects.

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