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Solar Eclipse Glasses - "The HD Eclipser"
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Solar Eclipse HD Glasses- For safe, High Definition Solar Eclipse observations.

As supplied to the "Sky at Night" publication.

Trade volumes, School discounts, and Custom Printing are Our Speciality.

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Large stocks immediately available from our London warehouse.

Solar Eclipse glasses are essential for safe viewing of the forthcoming Solar Eclipse.

Be prepared, and view it safely, using our HD High definition filters to give the best defined image.

Our Solar Eclipse glasses contain High Definition filters set in plain white cardboard glasses with arms.

These Solar Eclipse glasses are CE/ EC certified and independently tested for safe direct solar viewing, including EN1836 transmission and observation.

Explicit user guidelines are printed on the reverse side of the glasses, and also carry the CE mark and details of the safety standards.

We specialise in supplying large commercial quantities of eclipse glasses. We can also help you make the most of your eclipse glasses promotion by having them custom printed with your own full colour design and message. (minimum 500 glasses).

For Trade quantities, School discounts, and Quantity prices, Please contact us for details

For small retail quantities of Solar Eclipse Glasses Buy Now On-Line at our partner site:

Actual artwork on the glasses may vary from that illustrated. Plain white also available.

SAFETY WARNING : NEVER, Never observe the Sun with the naked eye, or a telescope, a camera or any other optical device. Doing so will seriously damage your eye sight and may lead to permanent blindness. Both the eye and artificial optical devices concentrate the extremely strong ultraviolet light from the Sun onto the retina. This can permanently destroy the retina's ability to detect light, and therefore cause blindness.

To safely observe a solar eclipse, you must use safety tested and CE approved Solar Eclipse glasses such as those on sale here, or else use indirect methods such as pin hole projection onto a suitable surface.

Please note these Eclipse Glasses are not suitable for use with optical devices such as telescopes or cameras. You need stronger and larger filters than these to protect you from the magnified sun light when using optical devices.

Further Information
Excellent sites for further details about solar eclipses and how to view them safely are:

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