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Hidden Images and Instant Wins
We offer several methods of quick reveal hidden images, which can be used for an instant win promotion.

Red Reveal™ | Focal Decoder™ | Magic Eye™

Focal Decoders™

Place your Focal Decoder™ card over the grey area to see the hidden image. (We will provide clear plastic 'lenticular' Focal Decoder™ cards).

Focal Decoder™ developed by 3-D Images Ltd. is the latest in 'Instant Win' reveal.

  • Impossible to accidentally reveal the hidden image.
  • Same day service available.
  • Bright crisp graphics jump to life.
  • We can encode from simple text to images of photographic complexity.
  • Any number of messages or pictures can be hidden within the artwork.
  • Gives a bright and brilliant image.
  • Decoders available ex stock.
  • In full colour or monochrome
Grammy Award Winner Focal Decoder Album Artwork
Case Study:
Grammy Award winner in 2008 for designing the Best Recording Package.
We recently worked with art director Zachary Nipper to use our Focal Decoder™, on Polydor Records band Bright Eyes debut album cover - Cassadaga, show casing a unique piece of stereogram design, which a spokeswoman for the label claims is a first for a music release.

The sleeve artwork for the album Cassadaga can only be seen by using the accompanying spectral decoder. When placed over the mottled grey cover, a series of ghostly, shimmering images are revealed.
There is a review on NME.

This innovative and stunning piece of artwork has been awarded the 2007 Grammy Award for designing the Best Recording Package 2007.

See a great article on Packaging a Grammy by MediaPack

Focal Decoding Materials.
This is available as uncut sheets approx. 20x20 inches, or cut to any size.

Large volumes may be supplied in a small card frame, printed with your artwork, and die cut to any shape. Please ask for a quote.

Unit Costs:
Minimum order £250.
Typical sizes and unit costings for 2x2 inch, trimmed decoders are as follows:




1 million

5 million






(These prices are for unprinted decoders, cut to shape. We may deduct 15% for uncut sheets.)

'Focal Decoder™' is a registered trade mark of '3-D Images Ltd.'. Patents pending.

For hidden messages in print why not use our Red Reveal™ method of hiding text messages and then revealed with red or blue glasses.

For 3D Magic, try Magic Eye™

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