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Lenticular and Holograms
(3-D without glasses)

Same Day Proofing service, in London.

Over 15 years and 150 million pieces personal experience in manufacturing lenticular pictures.

Human Eyes 3D and Motion Lenticular Image

We patented the award winning 'Supadeep™', 'Virtual Video™' and 'Action Card™' lenticular processes. We also licence Lenticular technology to some of the worlds leading manufacturers.

Lenticular images (3D / Motion without Glasses) are promotional products whose images are in 3-D, or change from one image to another, or else move as the viewer sees it from different angles.
Just tilt the picture or walk past them and see the action take place.

We lead whilst others try to follow. No order too little or too large, or too urgent.
Whatever your Lenticular project, from postage stamp to Billboard, please contact us.

Virtual Video™ - Motion effect Lenticular
Over 100 million manufactured by Kellogg's, developed and patented by David Burder.
Use up to 50 video frames to create stunning motion effects. Perfect for sports or motoring action and key sequences from new film releases.
Virtual Video - Motion effect lenticular of a lady fire eater
Supadeep™ - 3D effect Lenticular
A Lenticular image can also be designed without movement, but with an eye-catching 3D image that can be viewed without the use of special glasses. 3D lenticular showing Pepsi splash
'Flip' effect (changing image) Lenticulars
Lenticulars can be designed to flip using two separate images. To the viewer, the image appears to change as the lenticular is tilted either side to side or up and down. Magic rabbit popping out of a hat - flip lenticular
Zoom effect Lenticulars
Lenticular images can also be designed to create a zoom effect using a single word or perhaps a company logo. As the lenticular is tilted, the image appears to zoom toward or away from the viewer, going from a little image to a large image and back to little again. Galaxy zoom effect lenticular
Morph effect Lenticular
Another design option for Lenticulars features motion that allows the image to gradually change - or "morph" - from one image to another. Morph effect lenticular changing face to heart
Animation effect Lenticular
Up to 50 frames may be used to create amazing animation effects that totally fool the human eyes. Perfect for hand drawn images, TV cartoon sequences or even computer generated sequences. Animation effect lenticular old cartoon foot juggler

Please contact us for a quotation or further details. Same day production possible!

The best results are achieved by your designer working in close liaison with our own 3D specialists.

Turnaround time for production of Lenticulars is very rapid. We have on -site lenticular printing!
We also offer a UNIQUE Same Day Proofing service available in London.

Lenticular applications include Point Of Sale (POS) or Point of Purchase (POP) displays, '6 sheet' panels, pack inserts, 'on pack' promotions, mailers, shelf wobblers, business cards, book marks, keyrings, credit cards and DVD or CD cases.

Learn about the technical information regarding Lenticular, or contact us today to discuss how a Lenticular image can enhance your company's business communications activities.

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