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Hidden Images and Instant Wins
We offer several methods of quick reveal hidden images, which can be used for an instant win promotion.

Red Reveal™ | Focal Decoder™ | Magic Eye™

Red Reveal™

Why not use this method of hiding text messages. Revealed with red glasses.

For an example use the red lens of a pair of 3-D glasses for an instant reveal in the sample message shown here.

We stock red reveal cardboard glasses in various styles and sizes: hand held or with arms, even Spy Glass. Why not have them custom printed to your own design with any message or logo, or even cut to a custom shape.

For graphics see our Focal Decoder™

For 3D Magic, try Magic Eye™

Please contact us for a quotation or further details.

Red Reveal sample showing an encrypted message

Red Reveal Jumbo hand held glassesRed Reveal Spy Glass

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